Panzer III Limited Edition Print (1/30) – Signed by Panzer Veteran – plus bio & signed photo


An extremely special package containing amongst other things a certified limited edition signed and numbered litho print (1/30) of a Dawn Monks pen & ink illustration, also hand signed by a German WW2 Panzer veteran. 303 x 405 mm unframed. See bottom of page for details of the other exclusive items included in the package.  

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An extremely special package containing:
  • A limited edition lithographic print (one of only 30) taken from a Dawn Monks original pen & ink illustration of a Panzer III Ausf. D.  Each print has been hand signed and numbered by the artist, and has also been hand signed by Herr Wilhelm Heilmann, a Panzer veteran who served with 4. Panzer-Division. This product measures 303 x 405 mm (drawn area is 200 x 280 mm) and is unframed.
  • A copy of a photograph of Herr Heilmann taken at the beginning of the Second World War and hand signed by him.
  • A biographical sheet detailing Herr Heilmann's military service.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the artist and numbered to match the unique number of the print.
The drawing is based on a photograph that was taken in Poland in 1939. (To read more please visit the Panzer III page) Disclaimer: Apologies for the Nazi imagery on the biographical sheet. It is impossible to include images of the medals awarded to Herr Heilmann during his WW2 Wehrmacht service without also including the Nazi swastika. Dawn Monks Illustrations has absolutely no association with any neo-Nazi organisation nor sympathy with any of their policies or beliefs.