Pen & ink illustration of a British WW1 Mk V male tank, based on the H41 tank now on display in The Tank Museum, Bovington.

The H41 was built in January 1918 and was issued in July 1918 to 8th Battalion Tank Corps, the first tank battalion to receive the new Mark V. In 5th Tank Brigade, it took part in the last British offensive of the First World War, from 8th August to 11th November 1918, Armistice Day. It was commanded by 2nd Lieutenant H. A. Whittenbury from 8th to 10th August, in support of 4th Australian Division south of the Somme, for which Whittenbury won a Military Cross. On 23rd August, 2nd Lieutenant J. G. De Courcy was the tank commander during the attack on Estrees; and on 29th September at Bellicourt the tank was grazed by a field gun shell on the left front horn which broke a track. Lieutenant T. R. Harding was in command.**

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**(Information taken from the Preserved Tanks website)