Portraits from Old Photographs

Wee Michael McPharlin - 71 Eagle Squadron - WW2

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WW1 Pen & Ink Portrait - Harry Chalmers RND

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Pen & Ink Portrait of Eugene 'Red' Tobin - American RAF pilot - WW2

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Pen & ink portrait of WW1 soldier

Pen & ink portrait of WW1 soldier

Pen & ink portrait of WW1 soldier

A photograph is a lovely thing to remember someone by, but the lines of a pen & ink portrait can really bring the person to life – particularly if the original photo is a little blurry, as can be the case with very old images, such as those of WW1 soldiers.  A piece of original artwork is also a wonderful thing to be able to pass on to the next generation.

If you have an old family photograph, I can use the image to create an accurate pen & ink drawing of that person, or group of people. All I need is a high resolution scan of the original photograph – I can even work from a blurry one.  The perfect gift for the genealogy enthusiast in the family.

If you have a family member who fought in WW1 or WW2 – or if there’s a military person that you particularly admire – and you would like me to bring them to life in pen & ink, please send me a message through my contact page.

I’m happy to discuss any project, whatever the size.

Dawn Monks Pen & Ink Illustration - WW1 Tank Crew - Deborah D51

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Pen & Ink Portrait of WW1 Soldier

Pen & ink portrait of WW1 soldier

Pen & ink portrait of WW1 soldier

Octave Lapize Charity Drawing

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Oscar Hoffman Coen - WW2 American Fighter Pilot - RCAF, RAF, USAAF - Pen & Ink Portrait

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Alois, Heinrich & Adalbert Gilgenbach - Missing in Action - WW2

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Pen & Ink WW2 Soldier Portrait

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