British WW1 Mark V Male Tank Limited Edition Print

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Limited edition (1/100) signed and numbered litho print of a Dawn Monks Pen & ink illustration with Certificate of Authenticity.

120 x 170 mm unframed.

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Limited edition individually signed and numbered lithographic print (out of a run of only 100) taken from a Dawn Monks original pen & ink illustration of a British WW1 Mk V male tank, based on the H41 tank now on display in The Tank Museum, Bovington.  To view the original drawing visit the product page.

This product measures 120 x 170 mm (drawn area is 70 x 125 mm) and is unframed. It comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

The drawing is based on a tank at the Tank Museum at Bovington. (To read more please visit the MkV page)