I’m Dawn Monks, in-house military artist/illustrator for the UK’s only dedicated German military history magazine, “Iron Cross”.

Other clients for my illustrations include The Shuttleworth Collection, Hooge Crater Museum, History of War magazine, Pen & Sword Books and Helion Books, as well as many private commissions.

I started out working in black ink line drawing, using the finest of fine 0.1 nibs to produce highly detailed artworks in my own distinctive style. More recently I’ve wandered into the kaleidoscopic world of coloured acrylic inks, applied using a dip pen and brush and I have to say that I’m really happy with the results!

Once I have an artwork on paper I transfer it onto mugs, baseball caps and other items that are available to buy in my online shop. I do it all myself, and the mugs are individually stamped and signed for that special touch.

In my “other” life I’m CEO (and Director of Shenanigans) of Anglo/German tour company, Zeitgeist Tours Ltd. We’re a motley international band of historians, authors, artists, archaeologists, academics and educators, organising and leading UK schools on historical and battlefield adventures across Europe